Monday, November 17, 2008

Polar Bear's first meme

I've been tagged by Nathan. I don't usually do this, but thought I'd give this a try.

Eight random facts about me:

1) I started writing with my left hand as a teenager, and now I can write quickly and legibly with either my right or left hands.

2) In 1990, I won 5 gold medals in track events and was awarded the Best Overall Athlete trophy in my high school.

3) I was temporarily homeless(six weeks) on the streets of Toronto when I was 19.

4) I bought my first car when I was 30 (it's the same car I'm driving today).

5) I have abseiled down the Lost World in the Waitomo Caves, NZ. I highly recommend it!

6) I am a reality-tv junkie.

7) I once came nose to nose with a polar bear (with a wire mesh fence between us) in Seaworld, when I took the Behind-the-scenes tour of the polar bear enclosure. It was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced.

8) In my lifetime, I have experienced living in 5 different countries.


Anonymous Drifter said...

What a great list of 8. Very interesting.

Aqua said...

I loved your list. It's good to learn more about you.

Wandering Coyote said...

Very cool, PB! I'm glad you did this because now I feel I know you just a bit better!

Raspberry said...

Wow, love it!

Keep having the urge to to a meme, but the truth is, I'm just not that interesting! LOL

Anonymous said...

"I have abseiled down the Lost World in the Waitomo Caves, NZ"

You're my hero!!!! I did a couple of tandem skydives in Australia, but have always been far to scared to abseil!! It's the ropes and swinging about urgrhrgrrh! That is sooooo cool.

Lola x

susan said...

Wow! You really came nose to nose with a real polar bear?

you rock Polar Bear!

Nathan Hawks said...

Thanks for playing! I was homeless for a couple months one time at that age as well.

Did that contact with the polar bear inspire the name for this blog? Or have you always loved 'em?

Polar Bear said...

Thanks AD

Yeah, I'm trying to do more of these.

Thanks WC

I would be interested in a meme by you. I think you're interesting!

Skydiving?? That's worst than abseilling! With Abseilling at least you are connected to a rope and anchored somewhere. I can't imagine jumping out of a plane at such heights in skydiving!

@Thanks, Susan

Thanks for asking. I've written up a post on the origin of my obsession with polar bears.