Thursday, January 08, 2009

Post card from SF

Dear V,
I can't believe I'm finally in San Francisco! I can't believe that the journey here went so smoothly and that after 5 years, I am finally reunited with my brother. There was a part of me that didn't really think that I would make it. But here I am.

It's been a really crazy week and a half. My brother and his family are very social - during my first week here I met over a dozen of their friends. We went hiking, we had meals together - it was such a shift in the quiet, and mostly isolated life I'm used to. I participated, for the most part, but it was tiring.

Last week we went down to Monteray and hiked around Point Lobos. The coastal trails had amazing views of the ocean. On Saturday, we drove to Yosemite and did a bit of snow-shoeing. It was great fun.

This week, my brother and his wife started full time work again, and the kids are back in school, so I've got a bit of a breather. Yesterday, my brother took the day off and took me into San Francisco. We visited the deYoung Museum in the morning, had lunch, then went to the zoo where we spent the afternoon. I met Ulu, Pike (pronounced Pi-ka, I think) and Andy, the POLAR BEARS!! They were gorgeous. They're much older than Hudson and Nelson in the Gold Coast, at 27 and 28 years old. I felt a bit sad because their enclosure was pretty small and there was a little pool with hardly any room to really swim in. It was nothing compared to the polar bear enclosure in Seaworld (Gold Coast). I did take lots of photos though!

I'm having a good time, V, believe it or not. I hope you are too. I do miss you, and I do still look at your photo and think of you as I try to remember where I come from and what I will eventually be coming home to.

Do take care,
Polar B.


Wandering Coyote said...

PB, I am so happy to hear that you're enjoying yourself! I'm so glad you went and that things are going well! Keep having fun!

Aqua said...

Yay!!!! It is so great to hear you are having such a good visit with your brother in SF. I get the feeling tired after so much activity and socializing. I get that way to. Thanks so much for posting your postcard.
P.S. My word verification is "CHING" reminds me of the sound, Ca-ching" the sound of a person getting their winnings at the casino when they've woon the jackpot... Seemed pertenent in that it made me think you had hit the jackpot in SF.

Suzanne said...

So glad!

Anonymous Drifter said...

It's a relief to know that this trip is going well for you. Enjoy yourself, the time will pass quickly.

Immi said...

I'm tickled you're having a good time! And very cool you got to meet the polar bears :)

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

I'm so happy too to hear you have been enjoying yourself. You deserve it. SF is one of my absolute favorite cities. I've been there 3 times and never tire of it.

There is such a great vibe there and I love the architecture and the people. Have you checked out the redwood forests yet? There is one just north of the SF gate bridge in what is called the Muir woods.

Saima said...
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Saima said...

Great journey, it sounds! Are you in San Francisco, United States?

Dano MacNamarrah said...

Polar Bear,

How wonderful to hear you have such a caring family. It sounds like you are getting to see an awful lot of new things.

I understand your feelings for the bears. I haven't be to a zoo in decades for just that sort of thing.

I guess the good news is that they are well fad and taken care of, whilst some of their free cousins forage in a melting, shrinking world.

Have a great time and write more PCs!

Stephany said...

This is fantastic!

Jo said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well in San Fran!!

Anonymous said...

Polar Bear, I'm glad to hear the new year is treating you well. I've only been to America once, and it was to California - beautiful state, Yosemite took my breath away

Stay Safe

andrew said...

Great posts. Thoroughly enjoyed reading them. I am a depressive of some 25 years and recently suffered a major depressive crash. I have found it therapeutic to write own my thoughts. Somehow it seems to help with the crushing isolation, despair, hopelessness and suicidal thoughts. All the best.