Friday, March 13, 2009

Business trip

I'm off to Christchurch for a couple days next week for business. While I am filled with dread over the business tasks and social interactions I will have to be endure, I am also glad to be away from the bulk of work I have on my desk. Although coming back into the office after being away for a couple of days isn't necessarily a good thing because my inbox will inevitably be jam-packed again and I will have to trawl through all that and deal with it on my return.

Sigh. It never ends.


Anonymous said...

I hope it goes OK for you. Stress is possibly not great for you right now, try to take things slowly and be kind to yourself.

Lola x

Wandering Coyote said...

Good luck on your trip. I hope it goes well. Try not to think ahead too, too much...Sometimes that's the worst torture...

Aqua said...

(((HUGS))). Hope everything turns out to be manageable and hope you are okay.

butterflies said...

Take some warm clothes..I hear its already getting colder there.
And have fun:)

Tempy said... this kinda explains it :-)