Monday, July 27, 2009

The new TV

I went on a spending spree on Saturday! So unlike me. But I got a 40inch flat panel LCD full HD TV and a DVD hard drive recorder. Then of course I had to get the cabinet it needed to sit on.

I'd been eyeing a flat panel LCD TV for a while now, so it wasn't an impulse buy at all. But it certainly surprised me how quickly it all happened, and I hadn't even been planning on getting it that afternoon. It just kinda happened. I went into one store to check out the price and tried to figure out what I wanted, went to a second store and did a bit of bargaining and then BAM, next thing I knew I was driving to a warehouse to pick up the big TV and the equally big and HEAVY cabinet (which was in a flat box and needed assembly).

The initial instructions on the TV recommended 2 people to set it up onto its frame, but I did it on my own (very carefully). The cabinet was fairly easy to assemble, but it was heavy and when it was in pieces, it seemed like an impossible task. Try to imagine a 5foot2inch, 115pound woman trying to lift a flat box that was bigger than her and probably weighed twice her weight.

But I did it! And managed to figure out where all the cables went and configured the TV and DVD Recorder. I did feel good when it was all done. But I also did wish I had a man around the house who would have at least helped me do it. That would have been nice. That would have been the icing on the cake. As it stands, I only get my cake with no icing. Still, it makes me smile because it's great watching high definition TV on a 40inch!!


Wandering Coyote said...

Woo-hoo! Go you! My brother has one of those and it's SWEET!

butterflies said...

Hey thats so cool..this is you being in control girlfriend!!

Once you get HD theres no going back..I LOVE mine!!

Im so happy for you xoxo

Anonymous Drifter said...

You're one smart cookie. I can barely figure out how to use the remote let alone be able to set the whole thing up. Hope you really enjoy your new TV.

Sid said...

Nice! And good job on setting everything up yourself. Just remember, sometimes cake is better without all the added calories of the frosting.

What brand of tv did you get? I'm in desperate need of one, but don't yet have the money. I'm looking though.

Borderline Lil said...

What a fantastic thing to spend money on! Yay you. And major kudos for you setting it up on your own! And at least you don't have to share the remote haha!

MB said...

That TV looks totally awesome - welcome to the world of HD....that sounded more dramatic in my head - kinda Patrick Stewart style. And congrats on setting the cabinet up, that thing sounded so heavy!!!