Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 questions

Would you like to play a game with the bear?

I'd like to play 10 questions with you. Leave a question in the comments area - any question, and so long as it is not a rude or offensive question, I will answer them in all honesty.

Ask anything you want to know about me. I may not be able to reveal details such that will reveal my address or other such private information, but I'll do my best.

You may ask more than one question, but not more than 5 (otherwise it wouldn't be fair to others).

Ask away :)


Suzanne said...

What is your sexual orientation? I've never been able to work this one out! :-)

Wandering Coyote said...

Hmmmm...What is your profession?

Eliza Jane said...

1) How did you end up in New Zealand?
2) How long did you live in Canada?
3) What was your major in university (I know that you said at one point that you studied creative writing at York University...)

Anonymous Drifter said...

Can you describe yourself physically? I often try to envision blog friends.

Aqua said...

1) For you, what are 3-5 things that have happened in your life that have/may have led to your having BPD? I really do not know alot about BPD, except I have heard that abuse sexual, physical and/or emotional can impact a person's likelihood of being diagnosed with BPD later in life.

2) Please describe what you look like...I envision you as an extremely petite, fit young woman, with short pixie like brown hair...am I even close?

3) Tell me 10 things you love in this world, or in your life (except polar bears of course...I know how much you love those!!)

hugs (what a great idea),

Polar Bear said...

Thanks everyone who asked a question or two...

There were some hard questions there, but I'm glad to have been given the opportunity to answer them.

Polar Bear said...

Can I please have access to your blog?

Eliza Jane said...

Hi Polar Bear,

Yes, of course, I will add your email address to my blog.