Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm repeating one module of the skills group (DBT). The module is the one on interpersonal effectiveness and it started yesterday. It was tough going in because the group is an existing group, and I'm the only one who started yesterday. They seem more friendly than the previous group I was a part of. Infact two of them had a sense of humour which was good.

One of the leaders was a leader in my previous group, but I didn't know the other leader.

All in all, I think it went well despite the changes and the differences in this group. I was so nervous yesterday I briefly thought about not going at all. But then I thought about having the entire day to myself without structure and decided to go after all.


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm glad you went! Don't worry - groups always take a while to adjust to, especially ones like this. Sounds like you're off to a good start with them, though, which is great to hear!

Suzanne said...

hello there, I just wated to say that it sounds like everything is going brilliantly right now - what with your social activities at the weekends too! Well done! :-)

G told me at the end of my therapy that to treat borderline they're now using group therapy because it works "faster" and "better" - because although we find it hard to take some stuff from our official therapist - we're somehow more open to our peers saying "that's nonsense girlfriend" and the like. ;-)

So glad you're doing well - and good to hear they've got humour - I trust it's d-a-r-k humour!

journey2balance said...

I am glad you found a group you don't mind going to. What do you think of DBT overall?

Borderline Lil said...

Good for you PB, and how great to have found a group with a sense of humour.

Harriet said...

I'm always glad when I end up doing something that I was thinking of not doing. I hope you felt that way too.

Polar Bear said...

yeah it'll take a while to get comfortable, but I am glad I went after all.

I do like people with a good sense of humour, so I'm glad there are a couple of women there who can laugh at themselves/ourselves

I think DBT is a good programme. I think the skills that are taught in DBT are very useful in dealing with some of the main symptoms of Borderline personality. The trick though, is to practice it everyday/frequently.

Thanks :)

Yes, I am glad I did it. The first one would have been the hardest anyway, so I'm glad I've gone and now I can try and just get comfortable in it.