Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Social weekend

Participated in another cycle event over the weekend. We left town on Friday night - it had been a long day, beginning with the drive down to Wellington for a couple of meetings. I didn't sleep much that night.

It was a social weekend overall - and no surprise, it took a lot of energy even though on Saturday we all pretty much chilled out and while the others went for a quick bike ride in the afternoon, I stayed behind, sat in the sun and read a book.

The ride on Sunday was a 42km event. It was a good ride - there were a few hills, but nothing compared to the last event. I enjoyed the ride, and made good time.


Aqua said...

It sounds like cycling is in your bones, just like running. I wish I had the motivation and commitment to commit to my physicla self like you do. You inspire me.

Harriet said...

Glad the event went well! Was it a race? I like to cycle, but I'm afraid to ride on roads, so I always seek out trails.

Wandering Coyote said...

I know it was hard, but did you enjoy any of the socializing? I hope so. I'm so glad you went!

Polar Bear said...

Thanks - I still don't like cycling as much as I do running. Unfortunately I have back issues which are a problem when I cycle.

Yup, it was a road race, but I'm no where near the front of the lead pack. I'm more somewhere in the middle, with the other recreational riders.

Yes, the social part went well. I had a good time.

Polar B.