Monday, May 17, 2010

21km event

The first 15k was fine. The last 6k hurt a bit, but pretty happy with my time - 2:03:34. That was my first 21k event!

The pain was good. Felt good to be that physically exhausted. But the nauseous bit wasn't so fun. I've never felt like that before. I guess I must have pushed harder than I ever have. But honestly, the last 3km, I was merely putting one foot in front of the other, oblivious to everything around me, pushing that pain away with every new step.

Sometimes I wish I emotional pain were that easy to conquer.


Anonymous said...

Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion..............................................

Dee said...

Congratulations on finishing! What an accomplishment!

Me said...

I#m so proud of what you have done. That is brillant to hear you did it, and i hope you feel proud of what you did too.

Aqua said...

Hey PB,
Congratulations!!! That is a huge acomplishment.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Polar. Congrats on your first 21km! A big achievement.

I hope you find ways of conquering the emotional side too.

Bearfriend xx

Harriet said...

Wow, congrats! Nothing like running a satisfying race to make you feel good about yourself.

Anonymous said...

As a Brit who runs 'half marathons' it seemed very strange to see it described as a '21km event'

well done!