Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dark day ahead

Tomorrow will be a dark day, but I will forge ahead with dignity as best I can. I know how hard the blow will be, but I will stand up and allow the pain to swallow me up. I can only hope and take comfort in that at least the anticipation of it will finally be over, and we can start to put it all behind us.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it... there will be pain. Incredible pain. Pain that will rip and tear and pull apart and shred. Pain that will leave ruins and tattered pieces of my heart everywhere. Pain that will dig into the foundation of my soul and reveal everything ugly that had been hidden and buried, once upon a time. Pain that will sit above pain which has sat beyond agony.

How will I get through this? What do I tell that grieving confused child who has lost everything all at once?

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Borderline Lil said...

Sometimes all we can do is go with the pain, which is why DBT teaches Distress Tolerance I suppose. But it's sooo hard. Try to self-soothe with nice smells, tastes, a massage, a movie, whatever helps to make you feel better. And above all else, you tell that confused child that she will be okay, that she is strong and good and deserves happiness. Hang in there, PB, even though I don't know what you're going through, I know you can survive this xx