Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fate: Outward Bound

I don't know you, and yet I do. I know you are a special person, I know you are someone who strives to do their best in life, someone who values all the important things like family, hard work, love, and relationships. I know you will always strive to do your best when you can. I know you care deeply for people. I know you care about right and wrong. I know you will always choose to do the right thing. Our moral values seem to sync.

I also know that the way our lives have crossed means that we can never be friends, and for this I will always grieve deeply. Why couldn't we have met under different circumstances? We love the same things - we love the outdoors, nature, we love physical activities, we could have met in so many ways. And I know that if we could have met as friends, that I would fall in love with you. I can only imagine how much our friendship could have made a difference to my life. I can only wish and exist in the periphery of your life and then one day fade away. Always on the outside, abandoned and then forgotten, as I am in everything else. I curse my fate. I curse my wretched fate.

I can only dream of possibilities and what could have beens.


Jen Daisybee said...

I know this might not be helpful, and I mean it in only a gentle way as a thought to ponder: there are six billion people on this planet. I believe we can fall in love with many of them, given the chance. There is every possibility that you will meet someone who is right for you and circumstances will be good so that you can have the relationship you are looking for.

Polar Bear said...

Thank you for the thought, Jen. I do hope so....