Monday, November 22, 2010

Gas chamber

It’s been so long, we might as well be strangers. It shouldn’t matter so much anymore, and yet it does. You were the one who taught me to accept my feelings as they are, and yet it hurts so much more this way. Did you know you could cause me so much pain with just a touch of your finger? Do you realise you could yield such enormous weapons of mass destruction? Surely you never meant it to be this way. I still want to believe you are a good person when it would be so much easier to believe you are not.

I still go back to the that awful moment when everything changed, when the whole world tilted and would never right itself again. When my life became tainted by the slow release of poison, and finding myself in my own private gas chamber.

People tell me it won’t always hurt this way. But I couldn’t imagine a time when it wouldn’t.

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Verity Vaudeville said...

The time when the sun banged the gate in the sky and fled, never to be found again.

I guess a part of you will always ache for the possibility of what might have been.