Friday, November 26, 2010


If someone you love hurts you deeply, is it OK to hate them?


Lucie Love Heart said...

What has the person done hun? Hope your okay x

Lucie from

Borderline Lil said...

The problem with hating is that it usually eats away at us, and has no effect whatsoever on the person who was the wrong-doer. Forgiveness is powerful and affirming, if you can achieve it. I know you are in pain, PB, and I hope you can move past it some day. Hugs ((PB))

Sid said...

Yes, but only for a time. I think hatred is a process you go through, similar to grieving. You start with hate and work through those feelings until you're at something else. Some prefer to get to forgiveness. I prefer to get to indifference because, to me, some things are just simply unforgivable.